Zoom display range of the screen shared by screen sharing

When someone other than yourself shares the screen, you cannot see the entire screen.
Or, the characters on the shared screen are small and hard to see.
We will inform you of the setting of the appearance in such a case.


The appearance of the shared screen will differ depending on the resolution of the monitor that the person sharing is viewing and the monitor that the person sharing is viewing.

If you don’t see all of the shared screens, move your cursor to the top of the screen and click Show Options.

You can change the size of the shared screen by selecting ” Zoom ratio ” in it.

” Fit to window If you check”, the screen of the person you are screen sharing can be seen all.

When set to ” Fit to window “, if the screen resolution of the person sharing is large, it will be displayed in its entirety, so it may be quite fine on the monitor of the person watching it.

If you check ” 100% (original size) “, the screen size of the person sharing the screen will be displayed as it is, so you may not be able to see only a part of the shared material.

In such a case, if you check ” Follow the pointer of the presenter “, the shared material will move freely according to the mouse cursor of the person sharing the screen.

If you want to see in large letters, you can set it to 100% or more.

Well, it’s quite difficult to explain the content of this article.

Please ask someone to help you and give it a try.


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