Zoom Free Edition Concerns What to do with the 40 minute time limit?

The theme this time is “What to do with the 40-minute time limit?”, Which is the only concern of Zubari Free Account.

A free account is enough for a regular meeting, but many would like to have a 40-minute time limit.

So, this time, if you are using a free Zoom account, we will show you how to hold a meeting for more than 40 minutes.

First, you need to choose one of the following three to have a meeting longer than 40 minutes.

  • Use a 1: 1 meeting format
  • Create multiple rooms like the first and second parts
  • Upgrade to a paid Zoom account

Regarding the upgrade to the last paid account of Zoom, it is not related to this subject, so I will not explain it, but the other two are possible methods with the free version.

Let’s take a look at each one.

Use a 1: 1 meeting format


In the first place, this 40-minute limit applies when there are 3 or more participants.

Therefore, it is not within this limit when used for 1: 1 consulting.

You can continue to use it no matter how long it is.

In the case of 3 or more participants, if you can devise a way to organize the number of people, you can limit the number of participants to 2.

Let’s say you use Zoom for a meeting between two branches of your company.

In that case, if each participant participates in Zoom from their own seat, there will be 3 or more people, and it will expire in 40 minutes.

However, if people in each branch gather in one place, one branch will have one account, which is the same as a 1: 1 meeting, so the 40-minute limit does not apply. ..

In this way, it may be solved by putting together.

Create multiple rooms like the first and second parts


This method is pretty simple.

If you set up separate frames for the first and second parts when creating a meeting, it will take 40 minutes each, so you can use up to 80 minutes in total.

You can make it a break time on the way.

Of course, customers should think that Zoom is an amateur, so it will lead to the fact that they will not come into the second part room as it is.

Please be sure to make sure that the style is well known in advance.

Also, if you use the content of this article published the other day, “Fixing the ID of the Zoom meeting”, you can create a room with the same ID, so customers will be less confused.


Here’s how to use Zoom’s free account for meetings that last longer than 40 minutes.

If it is used in a seminar format, it is most refreshing to try to finish it within 40 minutes.

However, after the main part of the seminar, I would like to provide various information such as introduction of our own services.

In that case, please use the method introduced here to break through the 40-minute barrier.

That’s all for today.


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