Zoom invitation URL has become longer, what is this?

Recently, the invitation URL has become very long. Why is this?”
I received several inquiries like that.


Starting September 29, 2019, if you hold a Zoom meeting, you will be required to have a password if you do not change any settings.

If you open a “new meeting” in this state, the invitation URL for that meeting will look like this.


The “PWD =” part of this URL is the password.

If you click on this URL to enter, you will not be asked for a password.

However, when I enter the meeting ID and try to join the meeting, I am prompted for a password.


Also, when scheduling a meeting, ” Meeting password required “

Furthermore, it is the same when holding a personal meeting.


In this, when scheduling a meeting, you can uncheck ” Meeting password required “, but in the case of instant meetings, you can not select whether to add or remove the password in the Zoom app. ..

If you want to hold a meeting without these passwords, please access zoom.us and turn off the following 3 items from the My Account settings.

You can now issue a meeting ID that does not require a password.

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