Zoom is best for webinar! Holding, participation, how to use functions

Web seminars and online salons that have been attracting attention recently.

In both cases, the participants listen to what the organizer (host) speaks at the same time.

Until now, webinars and online salons have been provided by various companies and vendors, but in reality there are more suitable tools.

That is Zoom. You may have heard the name once.

In this article, we will explain about web seminars and online seminars, as well as introduce seminars using Zoom, how participants can participate, and features that only Zoom can do .

Web seminars and online salons now

Until now, the methods of web seminars and online salons varied depending on the service, and participants and participants alike were confused by complicated settings, complicated logins, and troublesome operations.

However, due to the development of web tools and the spread of smartphones (smartphones such as iPhone and Android), web seminars and online salons have become quite familiar.

And now, Zoom is used in many webinars and online salons around the world.

It is no exaggeration to say that this Zoom has become known to everyone, and that web seminars and online salons have spread all at once.

However, if you still hold seminars and salons (lectures, etc.), you may think that you should rent out the conference room or venue.

Therefore, I first compared Web seminars and online salons with conventional venue seminars and salons (lectures).

Comparison between Web format and venue type

Before webinars and online salons became popular, venue-based seminars and salons were the norm.

Why is it that many people are now moving to the Web format?

I have summarized the points to compare.

  • Holding method
  • cost
  • How to attract customers
  • Preparation/operation

Let’s look at each.

Holding method

This is literally where to hold a seminar or salon.

The Web method using tools such as Zoom and other services is performed using the Internet line and gathered at the venue set online.

This method, which is also called Webinar, is the mainstream in the world today.

Since the conference type is held in a conference room or lecture hall, it is necessary for both the organizer and participants to visit the venue, and people in remote areas often cannot participate, so it is necessary to prepare multiple venues multiple times. there is.

Web-style seminar and salonVenue style seminar salon
Do on the Internet (basically once because there is no geographical condition)In a conference room or lecture hall (if there are participants in remote areas, it is necessary to prepare multiple venues multiple times)



For web-style seminars and salons using tools such as Zoom, all you need to do is to use the tools.

There is no need to prepare venues, place fees, or equipment costs. No personnel required.
In particular, there are many participants who can join for free, so the cost is low.

On the other hand, the venue type costs all the time from the place preparation to the end.

Web-style seminar and salonVenue style seminar salon
If it is Zoom etc., basically participants are free to use, host only needs tool usage feeVenue cost, equipment cost, utility cost, personnel cost, operation cost, etc. Costly

This is also very different between the web format and the venue format.How to attract customers

If it is a web format such as Zoom, it is possible to participate without limitation in the number of people not only in Japan but from anywhere in the world .

However, if it is a venue type, it is not possible to attract more customers than the capacity of the venue, so it is difficult to establish a guideline for attracting customers, and it is not possible to attract a large number of customers.

In addition, if you use the Web format, you can send e-mails to the participants who have participated before, and you can expect a lot of exposure because it is compatible with SNS.

However, the venue type will lose important customers if it does not attract customers in consideration of the geographical conditions of the venue, it will greatly exceed the capacity, or conversely guide the venue of Okinawa to Hokkaido. It could be

In addition, sending an invitation will require additional costs.

Web-style seminar and salonVenue style seminar salon
Since there are no geographical restrictions or capacity limits, you can freely attract customers. It can be announced by sending emails all at once. Great compatibility with SNS, etc.It is difficult to control because it is necessary to attract spots in consideration of geographical conditions and capacity limits. It costs money to mail invitations, etc.


On the day of the webinar and online salon, it will be delivered from within the company or at home, giving you a high degree of freedom.

In addition, with tools such as Zoom, participants and students can come by simply clicking the specified URL, so there is no need for personnel such as receptionist or invitation check.

If you use the recording function, you can record the state of the seminar or salon with one click.

The venue type requires personnel to manage the reception, distribution of materials, and withdrawal on the day.

Web-style seminar and salonVenue style seminar salon
It is easy because the organizer can deliver it at work or at home. Participants and students can join in a simple wayMany resources are required from the reception desk on the day, such as recording staff, information staff, and personnel for withdrawal

How is it? I wonder if the next-generation method, the web type, is changing to the venue type.

The web type such as Zoom is easy and low cost in all respects, so it is less burdensome for those who hold seminars and salons as well as those who participate and attend.

Then, after learning about the difference between the web type and the venue type, next, I will explain the secret why Zoom is used for web seminars and online salons all over the world.

Why Zoom is the #1 Webinar Tool

As I mentioned at the beginning, Zoom is the No.1 web conferencing tool that has been adopted by over 1 million companies and organizations worldwide.
Of course, it is also very popular as a webinar (a tool used in webinars and online courses).

The secret to its popularity is the ease with which seminars and salons can be held and participated by even beginners.
And it can be used for high-quality communication at low cost.

Furthermore, the higher the functionality you use with Zoom, the higher its functionality and various services.
Of course, it can be used on PCs, smartphones that are used for ordinary calls, and tablets.

If you install the app, you don’t need to purchase a new microphone or camera as long as they are installed in your PC or smartphone.

Only 3 steps to hold a seminar at Zoom

So there are only three steps you need to take to actually host (host) a seminar on Zoom.

  1. Host (organizer) creates Zoom account
  2. Send participation URL to participants and students
  3. Hosts and participants gather at a designated time to start a seminar or salon

That’s it.

For some web seminars, online salon tools, and services, both organizers and participants were required to create complicated accounts, and participants also had to pay service usage fees, and there were cases where the usage was difficult and difficult to understand.

However, with Zoom, the host can hold seminars and salons without time restrictions simply by signing up for a paid plan, and participants are free.

In addition, Zoom account creation will be completed in about 3 minutes, and participants can also participate in seminars and salons by clicking the URL sent if you download the Zoom application in advance on your PC or smartphone. I can do it.

It is convenient to create an account, but if you are only participating once, you do not need to create an account.

This easy use and method is the main reason why Zoom is selected as a web seminar and online salon.

Comfortable seminar functions and services of Zoom that you want to experience

Now that you have found that such simple usage and participation methods are popular, let’s take a look at the features and services of Zoom that you should try.

Functions that make an outstanding performance in Zoom seminars and salons

  • Screen sharing function
  • Document sharing function
  • Recording function
  • Chat function
  • Recording function
  • Virtual background function
  • Whiteboard function
  • Spotlight video function
  • Ability to raise hands
  • Breakout room function, etc.

There are many other features, but these are the features of Zoom that I would like to introduce to anyone thinking of holding a webinar or online salon.

I’ve put together each for a brief introduction.

Function nameZoom function
Screen sharingConvenient for displaying materials. You can share the materials displayed on the screen of your computer or smartphone with participants.
Document sharingYou can easily share materials by saving them in a cloud service. No need to print or distribute
RecordingSave and share videos to prepare for retrospective seminars and salons. No need for video equipment
chatChat can be sent individually or at the time of seminars and salons
Virtual backgroundZoom automatically crops your background and displays the prepared or specified image as a virtual background.
WhiteboardFreehand drawings such as diagrams, formulas, and images can be shared with participants
Spotlight videoA feature that allows you to spotlight the main speaker or host. As a result, the person is displayed on the screen in a large size and the progress is smooth.
Raise handsWhen the number of people is large, the timing of speaking in real time tends to be difficult, but Zoom can appeal to the host by the participant pressing the "raise hand" button
Breakout room function, etc.Spaces can be allocated to small groups for discussions and meetings during seminars and salons

How is it? Zoom has this much functionality.

In addition to this, plans are also available that allow you to use the host function to control the speech of the host and the function to brand the place where the seminar or salon is opened.

Differences between Zoom meetings and webinars

Finally, let’s touch on that Zoom has a Zoom meeting and a Zoom webinar.

The Zoom meeting is intended for meetings, so it is designed with the idea that everyone can share materials.

However, in web seminars and online salons, only teachers and panelists should have the authority, and in many cases not all of them need such functions.

At that time, Zoom Webinar is recommended. Designed for web seminars and online salons.

 Zoom meetingZoom Webinar
Screen sharing
Video sharingAll participantsHosts and panelists
Participants only for viewing
CapacityUp to 100 with free license, up to 500 with large meeting add-onIt depends on the license. Maximum 100 to 10,000
List of participantsCan be viewed by all participantsOnly hosts and panelists can view
Reminder by emailIf the registration is valid
Live distributionWorkplace by Facebook
RegisterPaid account

If you would like to know more about these differences or if you would like to introduce Zoom to web seminars or online salons, please contact us below.

The person in charge will propose the optimal plan and price.



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