Zoom is the first recommended web tool. Know 7 reasons and benefits

Webinar tools are essential for online seminars and salons conducted on the Web.

Many people from all over the world can attend seminars and salons all at once by using the webinar tool, so it is attractive to hold or participate at a low cost.

The Zoom webinar is currently the most supported webinar tool.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of using a webinar tool and why Zoom webinars are so popular.

What is the webinar? Explain the advantages of introducing tools

The webinar is Webinar, a term created by combining web and seminars.

It is also called an online seminar or web seminar because you can hold a seminar on the web.

In Japan, personalized video distribution, in which individuals transmit information, is becoming popular, but it is believed that online seminars for business use will spread widely as one of the marketing methods.

Live distribution (on-demand distribution) and recording distribution

Webinar tools can be live, recorded, or both.

For live distribution, the host (organizer) and participants gather at a designated online location at the same time to hold a seminar or salon by deciding the date and time of distribution.

On the other hand, recording delivery is a method of delivering what has already been recorded to the date, time, and place as needed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so it cannot be generally said which is better, but with the live distribution, you can interact with participants at a closer distance by taking two-way communication and recording distribution If so, it is possible to deliver correct information to the participants.

If it is a webinar tool that can perform both live distribution and recording distribution, distribution of the good parts of both, such as distributing the recorded video in the first half and finally performing opinion exchange and Q&A by live distribution Could also do

Benefits of introducing a webinar tool

So what are the benefits of implementing a webinar tool?

First of all, I will give you 6 points.

  1. It is possible to participate at any time and place
  2. Large-scale attracting customers regardless of the area
  3. No costs such as travel expenses and venue fees
  4. You can proceed easily by sharing materials and screens.
  5. Webinar tools make it easy to join
  6. Review delivery and reuse of contents are also possible
  7. Easy to guide you to purchase products and services

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1) You can participate at any time and place

The greatest feature of the webinar tool is that you can attend seminars and salons anywhere.

In the past, participants had to go to the place where the seminar was held in the local seminar using the conference room and the lecture hall.

However, you can feel free to join us from any online salon or webinar using webinar tools that can be participated from all over Japan, or from all over the world.

2) Large-scale attracting customers regardless of the area

In the conventional method of using a conference room or a park venue, it was necessary to attract customers considering the number of people (capacity) entering the venue.

In other words, even if 600 people are attracted to the venue of 300 people, the number of participants will not fit in the venue.

It was also necessary to manage the attributes of the users when sending invitations so that it would make little sense to send invitations to participants living in Okinawa at the Hokkaido venue.

However, online salons and webinars that use webinars tools will be able to attract customers without considering such things.

3) No need to move, venue, etc.

This is also a big point to introduce the webinar tool. Everything from venue fees, administration fees, staff costs, and invitations can be saved when compared to traditional methods.

4) You can proceed easily by sharing materials and screens.

Depending on the webinar tool, not only can you display and share the material on the screen, but you can also share the screen so that all participants can see the screen you are operating.

This allows the participants to easily share the materials and presentation screens that had to be screen-projected in the venue type so that seminars and salons can proceed smoothly.

5) Feel free to join with any webinar tool

In the case of a venue-type seminar or salon, we could not confirm the organizer, panelists, lecturers, etc. unless we visited the venue, such as when attending for the first time.

However, web seminars and online salons that use webinar tools can easily participate, so we can expect that psychological hurdles will be extremely low.

You can also participate in or leave the seminar at your own timing, so it’s easier compared to the venue-based seminar.

From this aspect, it is easy to recommend web seminars and online salons to friends and family.

6) Review delivery and reuse of contents are also possible

Web seminars and online salons that use webinar tools are easy to record as recorded data, and it is easy to redistribute them to those who could not attend the seminar or salon and review and distribute them to check the contents.

After live event distribution (on-demand distribution), it is also possible to analyze the user’s reaction and re-edit it, or add information such as images and distribute it as a recording distribution.

7) Easy to guide the purchase of goods and services

Finally, the point that can be done because it is a webinar or an online salon that uses a webinar tool.

For web seminars and online salons, it is easy to guide participants and users to purchase products and services.

Finally, by introducing purchase points and purchase methods for products and services, you can smoothly guide users and participants to Paypal and credit settlement.

Webinar Tool Challenges and Disadvantages

So what are the retitles and disadvantages of webinar tools?

It is mainly the following three.

  • Communication quality and defects due to the distribution environment and equipment
  • User burden due to data traffic
  • Time to participate

Web seminars and online salons using webinar tools have many advantages over traditional methods, but there are three concerns.

Communication quality and defects due to the distribution environment and equipment

Depending on the tool, internet speed or specialized equipment such as a camera or microphone may be required, so there may be problems such as communication quality or communication being interrupted during a seminar or salon.

If you are using a webinar tool for business use, the occurrence of such communication quality problems and problems is a big problem.

It is necessary to select it as a webinar tool in consideration of communication quality and ease of introduction as well as functions and fees.

User burden due to data traffic

If you are in a Wi-Fi environment such as a company or home, you may not care about the amount of data communication, but if you are watching a seminar or salon with a device that performs packet communication such as a smartphone or tablet, the user May put a burden on the amount of data communication.

In modern times with many mobile users, it is a good idea to select a webinar tool that takes data traffic into consideration.

Time to participate

Some webinar tools force you to register and set up a multi-step process of attending seminars and salons.

There is no problem for fixed fans and users, but for beginners and new users, we want to minimize such obstacles to participation.

Why Zoom Webinars are Chosen

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the webinar tool, and then explain why the Zoom webinar in the title is the recommended first place.

That’s a very simple reason. It has all of these benefits, and the disadvantages are very few because it’s the Zoom webinar.

I have summarized the functions and features of the Zoom webinar.

Zoom webinar features

Zoom Webinar is a worldwide license for Zoom webinars and online salons.

You can streamline marketing automation by integrating with marketing systems such as HubSpot and salesforce, and you can also take advantage of monetization options with Paypal integration via Zapier.

Zoom webinar features

  • Mutual schedule management can be done by integrating with HubSpot, and viewing data and viewer data can be acquired
  • Accepts over 10,000 webinar participants. Also, up to 100 two-way communication can be performed
  • Information about registrants and attendees, survey results, engagement of attendees, etc. can be output as a report
  • It can be distributed on SNS channels using YouTube integration function or Facebook Live etc.
  • You can present and pay Paypal and credit payment to users via Zapier
  • High-security level because role encryption is used for meeting encryption and user security
  • Applications for smartphones and tablets are also available, and the interface is almost unchanged and easy to use
  • Compared with other webinar tools, it uses high compression data while using high-quality communication, so communication load is small
  • No account registration required to participate. You can join by just clicking the invitation URL
  • Screen sharing/material sharing possible
  • Easy to share and edit with recording function
  • Q&A options, surveys, chats, and attendee hand-raising functions make it easy to achieve highly effective two-way communication.


This time, I explained what a webinar tool is and what advantages and disadvantages there are by introducing a webinar tool.

We also introduced why Zoom webinars have been selected and recommended by many hosts as a webinar tool.

It is a webinar tool that can be used as a business marketing tool from now on, and it can be considered as a tool to help the business growth of a company, and it will be a webinar tool.

Please feel free to contact us from companies and organizations that are considering the introduction. The person in charge will inform you of the best plan and price.



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