Zoom linked with Google Calendar is too convenient!

If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, let’s integrate Google Calendar with Zoom.
You can also schedule Zoom from Google Calendar, and delete or change the schedule.
Once you start using this, scheduling on the Zoom app or Zoom website becomes a hassle (laughs).


Use Zoom conveniently with Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

These browser extensions allow you to use Google Calendar to schedule Zoom and change dates and times.


First, access the download page from the following.


As you scroll down the page, you’ll see the Zoom extension for your browser.

I’m choosing an extension from either Goole Chrome or Firefox, but I’ll explain it in Google Chrom below.


From the chrome web store, Zoom Scheduler will be displayed. Click “Add to Chrome”.

When the installation is complete, you will see a small icon in the upper right corner of your browser.


When you click on that icon, you will first be prompted to sign in.

This sign-in is a sign-in to your Zoom account.

Allow access to your Google account.

Next, use this extension to configure the settings when scheduling Zoom.

Right-click the Zoom extension icon and click Options.

When you set it in Google Calendar, the option set here will be reflected.

After changing the options, click Save Changes to save your settings.



Meeting ID

  • One-time Meeting ID (disposable meeting ID)
  • Use Personal Meeting ID

Video (whether video is turned on or off)

  • Host (whether the video is on or off when the host enters the meeting)
  • Participant (video on or off when participants enter the meeting)

Audio (what to use for exchanging audio)

  • Telephony (using the phone)
  • Computer Audio (use computer audio)
  • Telephony and Computer Audio (make both available)
  • 3rd Party Audio (use third party audio)


  • Require meeting password
    ( Require password when entering a meeting)
  • Enable join before host
    ( Allow participants to enter the meeting room before the host )
  • Mute participants upon entry
    ( Mute participants upon entry from the beginning)
  • Wating Room Enable
    (to enable the waiting room)
  • The Meeting Automatically Record
    (for automatic recording of the meeting)
    On The Local Computer (recorded on the PC)
    In The Cloud (recording to the cloud)
  • Include join URL in loxation field
    ( Enter the invitation URL in the location field of Google Calendar)
  • Allow me to specify meeting options each time
    ( Allow to set options each time )


Now you are ready.


To schedule, just click on a date in the Google Calendar.

At this time, if you click “Make it a Zoom Meeting”, the schedule for which the meeting ID is automatically generated will be added.

The Zoom schedule created here is also reflected in the settings on the Zoom app and WEB.

Even if you change or delete the schedule, it will be reflected, which is very convenient.


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