Zoom Meeting Settings and Account Settings

Did you know that there are two types of Zoom settings?
Zoom has so many settings that make me wonder, “What’s this?”


The other day, I received a question from Mr. O, who lives in Detroit, USA.

When scheduling Zoom, I can’t change it even if I want to enter the name of the “topic”.


When I tried it, I was able to freely enter the “topic” part.

However, the completed schedule was a “Zoom meeting”.


This setting is in “Account Settings”, not “My Meeting Settings”.

* “Account Settings” is displayed only for paid Pro accounts and above.

In my account settings, there is an item that says “Zoom Meeting is always displayed in the meeting topic”.

If this is turned on, the topic name seems to be fixed to the “Zoom meeting”.


However, although it says “will be displayed” in the settings, it is actually registered with the name “Zoom Meeting”, so even after turning this setting off, the original name you entered Will not return.

Is this feature useful for anything?

There may be people who use it in various ways, and people who have unimaginable circumstances, but it is quite difficult to imagine how to use this function.


As you can see, Zoom has ” My Meeting Settings ” and ” Account Settings “.

“My Meeting Settings” is a setting for each user.

“Account settings” are settings for the entire account.

If both have the same setting items, “My Meeting Settings” has priority.


In the manual of the Zoom organizer seminar, there is also a page that says “If you are the organizer, this setting is ON! “, And if you turn this ON, you will not be in trouble when you become the organizer! It is a practical content.

The 61-page manual is carefully explained in 3 hours, so if you are in a position to host a meeting or seminar at Zoom, please consider taking it.

Otherwise, you may be a sad seminar organizer without your knowledge.


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