Zoom – Messaging


  • July 2021: IM Dashboard enhancements
  • Facebook and Google To Discontinue XMPP Chat Protocol


  • Linking accounts to an organization
  • Managing contacts
  • Auto-answering invitations to meetings
  • Personal Note for Your Chat Profile


  • Admin deployment and configuration of Zoom Chat
  • Getting started with Zoom Chat
  • Replying and managing chat messages
  • Presence status
  • Using chat mentions and slash commands
  • Sending videos in Zoom Chat
  • Sending a screen capture, file, reaction, or audio message
  • Advanced chat encryption
  • Marking a message as unread
  • Sending a code snippet
  • Creating and using channels
  • Changing chat settings on your mobile device
  • Using chat announcements
  • Changing chat notification settings
  • Viewing stored chat messages
  • Storing chat message history
  • Using your personal chat space
  • Sending animated GIFs using GIPHY
  • Message Archiving with Third Party Storage
  • Channel privileges for external users
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