Zoom organizer seminar curriculum beyond your imagination

Zoom organizer seminar curriculum beyond your imagination

The text of the seminar hosted by Zoom Academy Japan is

The content has gradually increased since it started in February last year, and the total length of the lecture is 3.5 hours.

Revise the manual each time a Zoom function is added,

This is because Mr. Ogawa’s personal computer knowledge and small tricks of technical support are also included.

This is because knowledge of personal computers is indispensable for using Zoom well.


For example, how to make screen sharing smooth and professional.

Everyone can see the screen of the person who shares it

Zoom’s powerful features, screen sharing.


However, smart screen sharing is surprisingly difficult …


If you can share the screen without showing the backstage, such as the development screen of Powerpo, the impression of the seminar will be better.

So how do you do that? Little is known about.

Unless Mr. Ogawa of Zoom Academy Japan tells me, I think I wouldn’t notice it alone.

It’s a delicate technique ^^


The Zoom organizer seminar manual, which is full of such treasured knowledge, is

The very “curriculum beyond your imagination”.

It will be useful as a bible and dictionary sponsored by Zoom.


For those who think “Is it possible to use such a good manual …?”, There is also a seminar video that you can review at any time.

Please use it together.


Everyone who attends the organizer seminar, please look forward to it!

Also, why don’t you learn at the organizer’s seminar if you are interested?

We’ll be expecting you.

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