Zoom pattern that the camera does not appear on some computers!

The camera is not displayed on a participant’s computer… But the computer recognizes the camera.
It’s not even a “video stop”.
However, what you can see from here is the mark when the camera is not recognized.
After all, I couldn’t solve the problem, and I had the seminar attend without the camera showing.

When the computer does not recognize the camera, a mark like this appears on the person’s frame.

But at one seminar, the person’s computer recognized the camera.

The camera is displayed on the Select Camera screen.

When “Stop video” is selected, the usual screen with white text in a black frame is displayed.

If you select “Start Video”, the above mark will still be displayed, but the video will not be displayed.

It is the same even if you restart the computer.

In the end, the seminar ended with no solution found that day and the person’s face not visible in the camera.


However, at the seminar on the next day, the screen of the person who was attending while looking at the face was switched to the above display when the break time entered.

“That? Same as yesterday’s display!”

So I asked that person, and when I moved the slide beside the laptop camera to the left, the camera turned off.


This was a discovery.

What a laptop with a sliding camera cover like this! !!

The laptop was a Lenovo ThinkPad.


Zoom will evolve, but so will computers.

There are still many things that you can not understand unless you experience it, and one after another, new and emerging.



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