• Frequently asked questions about Zoom Phone
  • Getting started with Zoom Phone (users)
  • Making and receiving calls
  • Creating or editing synced contacts using call history or voicemail
  • Using SMS
  • Using SMS with call queue or auto receptionist phone numbers
  • Frequently asked questions about SMS
  • Using SMS message and conversation options
  • Using the Desktop Power User experience
  • Enabling location permission and managing addresses for emergency calling
  • Switching between and merging a phone call and meeting
  • Using in-call controls
  • Inbound call notifications (desktop client and mobile app)
  • Inbound call notifications (desk phones)
  • Using call flip
  • Viewing phone contacts in the Zoom mobile app
  • Transferring calls
  • Using call park
  • Elevating or inviting a phone call to a Zoom meeting
  • Handing off a phone call to a Zoom Room
  • Using click-to-dial and highlight-to-call
  • Customizing audio greetings and hold music
  • Managing voicemail messages
  • Checking voicemails over phone
  • Viewing call history and recordings
  • Switching a call to your phone carrier
  • Changing phone settings (web portal)
  • Customizing call handling settings
  • Changing phone settings (desktop client or mobile app)
  • Setting up speed dial and busy lamp field (BLF)
  • Using a dial-by-name directory
  • Frequently asked questions about caller ID
  • Outbound calls being blocked or tagged as spam
  • Testing computer or device audio for Zoom Phone
  • Setting up call delegation (shared lines appearance)
  • Using call delegation (desktop client or mobile app)
  • Using shared line groups (desktop client or mobile app)
  • Zoom Phone features comparison
  • Error codes for Zoom Phone
  • Using call monitoring (listen, whisper, barge, take over)
  • Launching an external app or URL for inbound calls
  • Using the audio library to record/upload audio or convert text to speech


Number Ordering And Porting

Emergency calling