Zoom screen sharing is convenient! Explains what to do if you cannot share with the basic operation

You may find it difficult to communicate in words only when you are communicating by phone or chat.

It would be smooth and convenient if you could explain it by showing the actual screens and materials along with the words.

At that time, I would like to recommend “Zoom”, a web conferencing tool with a screen sharing function.

This section summarizes what you can do with Zoom’s screen sharing function, how to use it, and how to deal with problems.

Let’s use the screen sharing function of Zoom to improve the efficiency of meetings.

What you can do with Zoom screen sharing

Screen sharing is a function that allows the screen displayed on your PC or smartphone/tablet to be displayed on the screen of the other party.

With Zoom, not only the screen on the host side but also the screen on the client-side can be shared.

First, let’s take a closer look at the data that can be shared with Zoom’s screen sharing function.

File sharing

With Zoom, you can share various screens such as PowerPoint and PDF files, images and video data, the currently displayed browser, etc.

You can share screens between smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.

This allows you to share your screen and explain operations, or share your screen and perform remote operations.

Also, since you can share smartphone videos, it is also recommended for personal use such as sharing gameplay videos.

Since Zoom also has a recording function for recording meeting contents, it is also a point that you can review the shared data and the instruction contents together.

Whiteboard sharing

There is an item called “Whiteboard” on the screen that can be shared with Zoom.

The whiteboard has functions such as text entry and figure insertion, and you can also write directly with the pen.

Operation is possible for both host and client, which is convenient when you want to share ideas and explain with pictures and diagrams.

You can save the contents of the whiteboard as an image file.

Enter comment

Zoom allows you to add comments and annotations to the data you are sharing on your screen.

It is efficient because you can draw a marker or add a memo to important points and put together your own while talking on the contents of the shared material.

However, note that the content of the comment is displayed not only on you but also on the screen of the other party.

It may be difficult for multiple people to write at once.

With Zoom, you can disable comments on the client-side by setting on the host side, so it is better to use it depending on the number of participants.

How to share your screen with Zoom

To use Zoom, the host that hosts the meeting must have an account.

Creating a Zoom account is easy, so it’s best to have one ready.

From here, I will explain the procedure when actually sharing the screen with Zoom.

Share your screen

If you want to share your screen during a Zoom meeting, here are the steps:

  1. Click “Screen sharing” on the screen
  2. Select the item you want to share from the list
  3. Click “Screen Sharing”

When sharing is completed, a menu for screen sharing such as mute function and comment function is displayed.

Make sure that the other person’s screen is the same, and then restart the meeting.

Share the screen of the other party

To share the screen of the other party, follow the same procedure as above.

Tell the screen you want to share and let the other side operate it.

When the other party’s screen sharing is completed, your screen will switch and the screen sharing menu will be displayed.

If you are having a meeting with multiple people and want to share the screen only with the host, you can change the setting from the option.

Let’s share after changing who can be shared from “all participants” to “host-only”.

You do not need to change the settings for a one-to-one meeting.

Switch to another screen

If you want to switch to another screen during screen sharing, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Click “New Share” from the share menu
  2. Select the item you want to switch from the list
  3. Click “Screen Sharing”

There is no limit to the number of times you can share your screen, so let’s proceed with the meeting while switching freely.

Stop screen sharing

If you want to stop screen sharing, just click “Stop Sharing” in the sharing menu.

When sharing is stopped, you will automatically be returned to the video call screen.

You can also forcibly stop sharing by closing the shared screen.

For example, you can terminate Excel itself while sharing the Excel screen.

There is no particular problem here, but it will be a bit aggressive, so basically let’s operate from the “stop sharing” button.

Remote operation

Remote operation means operating the other party’s screen remotely.

This is a convenient function when the other party is having difficulty operating or when it is difficult to give a verbal explanation.

Follow the steps below to perform remote operations with Zoom.

  1. Share the screen of the other party
  2. Make a request for “remote control” from the shared menu
  3. Ask the other party to approve remote control

Remote operation can be stopped from both sides, so when you have finished the necessary operation, stop it yourself or have the other person stop it.

Causes and remedies when screen sharing is not successful

With Zoom, you can share not only your PC screen but your smartphone or tablet screen.

However, there are cases where it is not possible to share the smartphone screen well.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the causes and solutions when screen sharing does not work well.

The host is not allowed to share screen

Currently, when joining a web conference with Zoom, the host has permission to allow screen sharing.

This is also a security measure and is a necessary setting for smooth web conferences.

If you are unable to share your screen, ask the host to grant you screen sharing privileges.

Zoom software and apps are not up to date

If you want to share your smartphone screen, you only need to install the Zoom plug-in for the first time.

If the installation of the plug-in on the smartphone side has failed or the plug-in on the Zoom site is not up to date, sharing problems may occur.

If screen sharing does not work even though you are connected to the same network, try updating the plugin.

The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from Zoom’s Download Center.


  • Zoom’s screen sharing feature allows you to share files, whiteboards, and comments
  • Easy screen sharing and remote operation makes it easy for beginners to use
  • Check your network and plugins if you can’t share your smartphone screen

By using screen sharing, you can smoothly conduct meetings with people who are far away.

Zoom is a convenient service that can be used for various purposes such as training and seminars, as well as meetings, so please consider introducing it.

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