Zoom Subscription Pricing

Zoom platform users are attracted by the fact that all its basic features are available for free. You don’t even need to register an account to participate in conferences. This procedure will be required if the person plans to organize them. But the free account is somewhat limited (the number of participants in the online conversation, its duration, etc.). And this is not suitable for everyone, so people are wondering what Zoom rates are for getting access to all functions. Our article is devoted to this very issue.

Price information

When registering an account, the “Basic” tariff plan is automatically connected to the user. It’s completely free, but somewhat limited, as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

There are also several monthly subscription options:

  • Professional;
  • Business;
  • Company;
  • For training;
  • For developers;
  • For telemedicine
  • Other.

The first three are the most basic, so we will analyze them in a little more detail.

Detailed instructions for paying for a Zoom account to switch to one of the plans are described in a separate article.


This is the best tariff for small businesses and private use, for example, organizing online courses and distance learning, various Internet games like the mafia, and so on. It has the following advantages in comparison with the basic one:

  • Instead of 40 minutes, conferences can now be up to 24 hours long.
  • The ability to expand the number of participants for an additional cost.
  • Administration of controlled accounts.
  • Access to additional settings.
  • Obtaining reporting statistics.
  • Configuring the conference ID to any number.
  • Cloud recording of the conversation.

The starting cost is $ 15 per month per organizer.


This is a more advanced option, which is already more expensive, but provides more opportunities:

  • The limitation for video conference participants is now 300 people with the possibility of expansion for additional. fee.
  • Advanced technical support, but in a foreign language.
  • A personal link to connect.
  • Ability to connect to private cloud storage and upload data there.
  • Single sign-on system for more convenient user authorization.
  • The decryption of cloud recordings
  • And much more.

The starting cost is $ 20 for 30 days. Connect more than 10 organizers for $ 200 a month.


This subscription option is suitable mostly for large businesses due to its features:

  • The conference capacity is 500 people, with the possibility of connecting 1000 people (for an additional fee).
  • Infinite cloud disk space.
  • Personal expert to answer any client’s questions.
  • Detailed statistical calculation.
  • And others.

The starting price is similar to the previous one, but there is the possibility of adding more than 100 organizers for $ 2000 per month.


Now you know how much a Zoom subscription costs and what it does. The “Professional” tariff plan is the most budgetary one ($ 15 per month), but it is not suitable in all cases. Options “Business” and “Enterprise” provides more opportunities, so they will be of interest to medium and large businesses. Detailed information on each of them is described on the official website.

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