Zoom video appears to be flipped over to you and the other party! What settings should you fix it with?

that? The image is reversed!
With the Zoom setting, it seems that the other person sees it as mirrored, regardless of whether mirroring is on or off.


The mirroring in the Zoom settings looks like it’s just mirrored to you, but it looks normal to the other person.

The display on Windows is “Mirror my video”.

However, even if this mirroring setting is checked or unchecked, it will appear reversed…

In this case, please check the web camera settings.

Logitech cameras are software that comes with the camera and allows you to adjust various settings of the camera.

You can also fix the camera so that it is mirrored horizontally.

” Logicool Webcam Software ” is, is it.

When it starts up, there is an icon called “Webcam Controller” at the bottom left, so click it.

Furthermore, click “Detailed settings” at the bottom left.


If you set the orientation of the image to “mirror”, the image will be reversed.

Keeping in mind that Zoom is not the only camera setting, you may find a clue to the solution.

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