How to use the Zoom video conference system? Function/price summary

What is Zoom Video Conference System

  • A Zoom video conference system is a tool for communicating with people in remote areas.
    By introducing video conferencing, it is possible to reduce costs such as the cost and time required to move to the venue.
  • However, the conventional video conferencing system has disadvantages such as the high cost of purchasing dedicated equipment and the need to learn complicated operations.
  • Therefore, it seems that there are many customers who cannot complete the installation and continue to use the old system that they had installed before.
  • Therefore, I would like to recommend the “Zoom” video conferencing system that is simple to use and easy for anyone to use.
  • This section summarizes the features and functions of Zoom and examples of its use.

If you are interested in video conferencing using Zoom, please check it out.

Features of  Zoom for video conferencing


“Zoom” is a video conferencing system developed by a company called “Zoom Video Communications, Inc” in the United States.

There are other systems that specialize in either web conferencing or video conferencing, but few systems offer both plans.

First, let’s take a closer look at the features of Zoom’s video conferencing system when compared to other services.

Comfortable even on mobile lines! High-quality and high-quality communication

The big feature of Zoom is that the communication capacity is very small compared to other services.
Unique data compression technology is used, and stable communication is possible even on mobile lines.

If the image is distorted or the audio is skipped, it will affect the progress of the conference, so it can be said that Zoom’s merit is that high-quality data communication is always possible.
It is recommended for companies that need large-scale conferences because they can be connected without stress even in video conferences with local or overseas bases.

You can easily join the meeting without a license

Many meeting tools require both parties to have an account and log in to a particular system.

Zoom, on the other hand, does not require the client to join the conference to have a license.
Since the conference can be started if the host has a license, the feature is that it can be used easily by parties outside the company.

To join, it’s easy because you just click the invitation URL sent by the host.
Employees who are worried about operating IT tools can use it with peace of mind, so penetration after the introduction will be smooth.

Supports connection from multiple devices

Zoom is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
There is no need to purchase a new device dedicated to video conferencing, and the existing terminal can be used as it is, which can reduce the installation cost.

Zoom is suitable when you want to reuse existing equipment for depreciation.

High security for important meetings

Zoom has the following security measures.

  • Encrypted communication (AES256, TLS)
  • Password required when entering the conference
  • Entry settings only for users who belong to a specific domain
  • Forced exit function
  • Lock the conference room after entering the room

You may feel information leakage when interacting online, but you can use Zoom with peace of mind.

Zoom is also recommended for important meetings such as regular meetings between bases and board meetings.

Zoom Video conference use cases


Zoom’s video conferencing system can be used not only for regular meetings but also for training and seminars.

Next, we will introduce examples of using Zoom’s video conferencing system in the business scene.

Remote conference at multiple locations

Zoom is commonly used for conferences and meetings between locations.
If it is a web conference system, you can connect from a smartphone or tablet, so it is convenient for individual communication and information sharing.

Not only in-house but also with remote work and staff working from home will be smooth.
Unlike emails, chats, and phone calls, you can see each other’s faces directly through the camera, making it easy to express detailed emotions.

In addition, Zoom’s video conferencing system can be connected at all times, allowing you to maintain a system where you can always communicate with staff on different floors.
Web conferences are suitable for communication between individuals, but video conferences are also suitable for large-scale many-to-many conferences.

Seminars and training

With Zoom’s video conferencing system, you can even hold training and seminars for employees at multiple locations at the same time.
Since you can receive training while you are at each site, you can reduce costs such as personnel costs for travel arrangements, transportation costs for travel, and business trip costs.

Zoom also has a function that allows you to send only the voice of the host or divide the participants into small groups.
In a large-scale training or seminar, many voices may be mixed and difficult to hear, but Zoom can receive only the necessary voice.

In addition, by recording the contents, it will be easier to follow up with those who are absent.

Remote support using on-site visuals

Zoom allows you to share not only the host screen but also the client screen.
If you equip it with an action camera, you can also share the viewpoint images of the staff on site.

This allows you to remotely instruct the operation method and check the situation at the site, leading to more efficient work.

Zoom App functions


Finally, let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of each service.

Zoom Meeting

At Zoom Meeting, a personal license that can be used from a PC or smartphone is issued.
You can use all of Zoom’s standard functions such as web conference, recording, and recording, screen sharing, breakout room.

You can link not only the camera and microphone that are installed in the device in advance but also devices that match the environment.

In addition, if you link external services such as Office software and Google Calendar, you can use it to manage files and schedules.
In the case of a Business/Enterprise license, the dashboard functionality is also added to the administrator.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a video conferencing system that can be installed and used in conference rooms and meeting spaces.
It is possible to connect with up to 3 monitors and display the gallery view and shared data.

By always connecting, you can quickly exchange with staff at other locations and floors.
Each display is operated from the tablet which is the controller terminal.

You can control the screen and operate the camera while you are seated, which will lead to further work efficiency.


  • Zoom is a video conferencing system that has a reputation for high quality and high image quality communication and high security.
  • Various usages such as meetings, training, and seminars at multiple locations are possible
  • Zoom Rooms can build a permanent video conferencing system using general-purpose equipment

By introducing a video conferencing system, many advantages such as cost reduction and operational efficiency can be obtained.

Zoom has high functionality and good quality, so if you are thinking of introducing it, please consider it.



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