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Skype is one of the most popular communication programs with video calls. But it is far from the only one, and many users do not like it for a number of reasons. In 2012, a similar service Zoom was released, focused on online conferences with a large number of participants. At the moment he is well known. Therefore, many people are interested in “Skype or Zoom – which is better?” … In this article, we

Service mapping

First of all, we will take a look at the features they offer. Then we will talk about the appearance of each and the usability. Well, at the end of the article, the results of the comparison and the corresponding conclusions will be summarized.


Zoom is focused on multi-participant video conferencing. But there are also regular correspondence and personal calls. This also applies to Skype, but it is more like a messenger. In both cases, there is a PC client, a mobile application, and a web version. That is, at first glance, the services are similar. There is one major difference, though, that I would like to mention.

When talking in Skype, other participants can show their screen ( “Screen Sharing  function ) and transfer system sounds (using intricate manipulations), and send a file to the general chat.

will make a detailed comparison. In the case of Zoom, you can display various visual elements for interaction on the screen (the “Interactive Whiteboard” function ), draw, write text, transfer mouse control, divide participants into groups.

Another great feature is the virtual background. With its help, you can replace your everyday background with any other, for example, a beautiful view of a fabulous year.

Call recording is present in both programs, but in Zoom it is more convenient.

Paid versions

There are several types of subscriptions available on the Zoom platform. Their design provides the following advantages:

  • The limitation on conference time is changed from 40 minutes to 24 hours or removed altogether.
  • The number of participants can exceed 100 people.
  • Priority support, quick responses from TP.
  • Reporting.
  • User administration.
  • Convenient recording.
  • And much more.

Detailed information on tariff plans and prices is described here.

in the case of Skype, there is a special version of Skype for Business that has now been superseded by Microsoft Teams. This is already an advanced tool for organizing video conferencing and setting up teamwork. You can use it for personal communication, connecting to educational institutions, various companies. The main focus is on the convenience and protection of personal data.

Interface, usability

Let’s compare the appearance of both programs:

As you can see, the Zoom looks a little more modern, but all the elements are arranged in a strange way: there are few buttons, and there is a lot of free space. In Skype, their placement is more logical. There is already a complete taste.

With the ease of use, the situation is more obvious: Skype is clearer and more convenient for most users because they are already used to it. The correspondence is visible immediately, you can call a friend from the chat window, and registration is much easier.

Zoom has a little worse with this, but there is one important advantage: an account for connecting to other people’s conferences. And for their organization, registration is already needed.


The system requirements for both programs are similar – very low. For Zoom specific information, see a separate article. Basic versions are free and available for all current devices:

  • Computers and laptops with Windows, Mac OS, and various Linux distributions.
  • Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • There are also web versions available.

Comparison results

From the information above, you can roughly understand how Zoom differs from Skype, so which one should you choose? Let’s summarize our comparison.

Zoom is more suitable for remote lessons, lectures, and other educational events, where it is planned to display various information for all participants in the conversation so that they can somehow interact with the virtual space. The same goes for various business meetings with presentations, charts, etc.

Skype is a bit more modest in terms of its capabilities during a video call. But if you do not need any additional functions, then it is ideal because of the familiar interface and ease of use.

It will not be possible to single out an unambiguous favorite in this comparison, since each of the programs is good in its own way and is focused on certain tasks. And you don’t have to pay for their basic versions. In addition, if all your friends have Zoom, and you plan to simply communicate with him, then there will be no point from Skype. The same applies to the opposite situation.


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