zoom? What that? Isn’t LINE video calling good?

I had a business meeting with a friend who said “What is Zoom? I haven’t heard of it!”, I was surprised “Zoom, I like it!”.


I had the opportunity to have a business meeting with a friend of a dentist in Aichi prefecture, and I wanted to talk face-to-face instead of calling, so I proposed Zoom.

Then, the reaction ” Zoom? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it. “

” Isn’t LINE video calling good? “, So that’s fine! And compromise.

But after all, line video calls are an extension of the phone.

I felt a little stressed that the voice tended to be interrupted on the way.

If you have a full-fledged business meeting, I want to talk while looking at the computer screen.


So, for the next meeting, I decided to have Zoom used.

Even so, if you click the invitation URL sent here, Zoom will be installed and you will enter the meeting room as it is.


Just by sharing the screen with Zoom, which was connected for the first time, I was surprised that it was unclear, “Oh, I’m a hacker!” (Laughs)

I had a meeting while looking at the screen for a while, and when I told him that I was recording it, he said, “Zoom, nice!”.


I’ve never heard of Zoom and I’ve never used it …


That’s why it’s really a waste not to use Zoom.

The person who used it changes to “The meeting is already Zoom!”.


But at today’s meeting, I’m still using only a small part of Zoom’s features.

If you know the depth of Zoom, you can do this with Zoom, rightAnd the idea spreads.

That’s what Zoom is all about!


  • What is Zoom?
  • How is it different from LINE video calls?
  • What features does Zoom have?


First, get to know Zoom.

The more you know Zoom, the more ideas you have for what you want to do.

The Zoom Beginners Seminar packs that into a one-hour seminar.

Please try it.



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