View In-Meeting Chat in a Zoom Room

In-meeting public chat messages can be viewed in Zoom Rooms. In Zoom Rooms, when a new message is received, a notification is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The user can view the messages on the Zoom Rooms controller and Zoom Rooms display. The Zoom Rooms display can also be set to disable the chat notifications.

Zoom Rooms do not have a chat feature available for users. Joining the meeting from a computer or mobile device will enable you to send chat messages to other participants during the meeting.

This article covers:

  • How to view In-Meeting chat
  • How to edit the way chat appears on the Zoom Rooms display

Prerequisites for viewing in-meeting chat in a Zoom Room

  • Version 5.0.5 and above of Zoom Rooms
  • Role that has access to edit Zoom Rooms

How to view In-Meeting chat

Zoom Rooms can display public chat messages on their screen, as well as on their controller

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On the controller

  • An unread message icon will display a red dot.
  • Click chat to view the messages.

On the display

In Zoom Rooms, new chat messages are automatically displayed as notifications. By editing the chat settings on the controller, you can also see the full chat panel on the Zoom Rooms display.

How to edit the way chat appears on the Zoom Rooms display

Zoom Room Controller

  1. Zoom Rooms’ controller has a Chat button.
  2. To open the chat window, click the gear icon.
  3. Click the settings icon.
    • Show notification on TV:
    • Zoom Rooms will display incoming chat notifications if this setting is enabled.
    • Show full chat panel on TV:
    • The full chat panel will be displayed on the Zoom Rooms display when this setting is enabled.
    • If you only want to view chat messages on the controller, you can turn off both settings.
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Zoom Web Portal

  1. Zoom’s web portal requires you to sign in.
  2. To access Zoom Rooms, click Room Management.
  3. You can edit this feature by choosing a level of the Zoom Rooms hierarchy. To access Account Settings for your entire account or to edit certain states, buildings, floors, or rooms, click Edit.
  4. Click Meetings.
  5. Enable chat notifications on TV can be turned on or off by clicking the toggle next to the setting.